Thursday, September 29, 2005

Lawmakers Ignorance

Another great article at Hawaii Reporter writen by Lowell L. Kalapa of tax Fundation of Hawaii Read it hear

It is truly amazing that lawmakers continue to swim against the tide of common sense and basic economics and still insist that they are right. Lesson after economic lesson is ignored and lawmakers still insist on plowing ahead in the same direction.

In the late 1980s observers cautioned against the drunken spending spree state leaders enjoyed, pointing out that money should be saved for a rainy day, but none of that sunk in at the state Capitol. Then when Hawaii’s economic malaise became a reality, lawmakers figured that they could "fix" the economy with a passel of gimmicks called tax credits and tax incentives. Again, state leaders were cautioned that those tax incentives came at a price to all other taxpayers and again those critics were ignored.


It is up to 8.8 Million

House Minority Leader Lynn Finnegann released another report and this Idiotic must "Stupid" piece of legislation. This has sucked out of our economy 8.8 million in less than one month.

Today, the gas cap raised Hawaii's gas price an average 26 cents a gallon above what gas would have cost without the cap. The House Minority Caucus' tenth daily report on the gas cap's cost to Hawaii's consumers shows that over the 28 day period since the gas cap began Sept. 1, Hawaii consumers have paid an extra $8.8 million for gasoline. And the cost rises daily.

In the period since the gas cap began Sept. 1, AAA data shows that the difference between gas price increases in Washington and Oregon on one hand (up 6 cents a gallon from Sept. 1's average of $2.80 gallon), and Hawaii's gasoline price increase on the other (up 32 cents from $2.95 a gallon on Sept. 1) works out to 26 cents a gallon. Thus, 26 cents a gallon represents the gas cap's current actual cost to Hawaii consumers.

Washington and Oregon, like Hawaii, buy all their oil from Asia and Alaska. All three states import no oil from Gulf ports or anywhere else on the mainland. This means consumers in Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii would be looking at nearly identical price increases since Sept. 1, if there were no gas cap.

The gas cap is based on Gulf port and New York prices, prices severely affected by events in that part of the country. For that reason, Hawaii's gas price has increased 32 cents a gallon from the time the gas cap began Sept. 1, or 26 cents above Washington-Oregon's 6 cents price increase. Of course Washington and Oregon's prices, unlike Hawaii's, are unaffected by Eastern U.S. gasoline prices. If we got rid of the gas cap and its imposition of East and Gulf Coast prices on our gasoline, today's Hawaii gas price could drop by 26 cents a gallon.

Thank you Ms. Zimmerman of The Hawaii Reporter

I bet you are wondering why I talk about this so much. Why don’t I just get a Prius and get rid of my Truck. I would if I could but I can’t. My Truck is my livelihood. I can’t loud 15 sheets of plywood on a Prius. I can not get a smaller truck as I need to carrier as much materials and supplies I can. Clients are not going to pay me extra because six months ago price of gas prices was substantially lower than they are now. That is why these egotistical, robbing money out of my pockets legislatures are in my sights and coming the next election I promise that I will do everything in my will power not to allow them to ever get in office again, Sen. Menor you are #1 on this list.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

More Gas Cap Lunacies!

Reading more stuff on the Gas Cap.

I read this in an AP article
"Over a period of time, Hawaii consumers will realize savings at the pump," said state Sen. Ron Menor, the chief architect of the law. "Hawaii prices will better reflect the prices that are being charged on the mainland and the world market."

Then this from this guy;
Frank Young, a member of Citizens Against Gasoline Price Gouging, a group that has backed the gas cap law, said the cap would ensure Hawaii residents paid fair prices.

Wake up guys listen to experts Hello!!!! McFly
Fereidun Fesharaki, an energy expert with the East-West Center in Honolulu, said the gas cap was "a stupid idea" and a futile attempt to hold down oil prices as they rose around the globe.

"This kind of thing it just gives us a bad name, frightens people from investing — it may make one of the refineries shut down and leave Hawaii," Fesharaki said. "It reduces competition and does all harm but doesn't gain us anything."

Sen. Menor do the right thing admit it is a bad law. Step up to the plate just tell us what you have done to us is guaranteed us the highest price in the nation for a gallon a gas while at the same time assuring that the tax coffers of Hawaii are filled for you to spend even more money on Back Assward projects.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Looking over 50thstar Grant Jones found an interesting thing. The French support the overthrow of a Pacific Island Monarch and the international left is not screaming about "French Imperialism" Read More here.

I do not know enough about this situation but from what I can tell the French should not be lecturing us.

Hat tip Mr. Jones


I was using outdated information the Gas Cap has costed us 8.2 million according to House Minority Leader Lynn Finnegann, 9/27/2005 2:19:40

Today, the gas cap raised Hawaii's gas price an average 28¢ a gallon above what gas would have cost without the cap. The House Minority Caucus' eighth daily report on the gas cap's cost to Hawaii's consumers (attached) shows that over the 26 day period since the gas cap began September 1, Hawaii consumers have paid an extra $8.2 million for gasoline. And the cost rises daily.

If you would like to read the entire article read it here



I went to fill up my tank today and I thought why is the GAS CAP law still in effect. This law needs to be repealed NOW! It has to be the worst piece of legislature ever made. But I guess it is only the norm for our island state. The Hawaii Reporter has a great article on how our state gets things Back Asswards

On top of paying the highest price in the nation for GAS we also pay the highest amount of taxes on a gallon of gas then on top of that we have to pay the most aggressive tax out of all the states in the form of the "HAWAII GENERAL EXCISE TAX" HI G.E.T.

Taxes on Gas Double Team Consumers:

A second consequence related to the sale of gasoline that is harmful to consumers is the gas is taxed at the highest rate in the country. Not only do the county, state and federal governments take their bite of the consumer pie through gasoline taxes, but the state adds on an additional 4.167 percent general excise tax to the sale of the gasoline on top of the gas tax already collected. As the gas cap sends the cost of gasoline higher, the state collects more money from consumers through the General Excise Tax.

We are suppose to be a state that cares OH PLEASE!!!! Need I remind these law makers the last time they did these type of unfriendly business practices the state of Hawaii went into a ten year slump while the rest of the nation experienced a robust economy.

The Gas Cap is costing us millions!
House Minority Leader Lynn Finnegan who opposed the gas cap now issues daily reports documenting how much money the gas cap has sucked from the economy, and now estimates the total at $6.7 million in just three weeks.

It is time that these elected geniuses repeal this law or the Governor suspend this law. If they do not we will repeal or suspend them from their job!

Friday, September 23, 2005

GAS CAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is so hard for me to believe that there is a single legislature that thinks that this was or is a good law. This is a horrible law. Whether Republican or Democrat whom ever voted to pass this law should be voted out of office.

What I have been able to read thus far this law has cost the individuals and businesses of Hawaii over 6.2 million in 3 weeks. What would you do with 6.2 million?

Links and backup to what this law is doing to follow

Thank you

Friday, September 09, 2005

Getting things Started

Welcome to my little home on the web!

In the future I hope to give you a unique prospective of the world from an island state. whether it is business, politics, family or religion I hope to share thoughts and perspective with anyone who would like to listen