Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I went to fill up my tank today and I thought why is the GAS CAP law still in effect. This law needs to be repealed NOW! It has to be the worst piece of legislature ever made. But I guess it is only the norm for our island state. The Hawaii Reporter has a great article on how our state gets things Back Asswards

On top of paying the highest price in the nation for GAS we also pay the highest amount of taxes on a gallon of gas then on top of that we have to pay the most aggressive tax out of all the states in the form of the "HAWAII GENERAL EXCISE TAX" HI G.E.T.

Taxes on Gas Double Team Consumers:

A second consequence related to the sale of gasoline that is harmful to consumers is the gas is taxed at the highest rate in the country. Not only do the county, state and federal governments take their bite of the consumer pie through gasoline taxes, but the state adds on an additional 4.167 percent general excise tax to the sale of the gasoline on top of the gas tax already collected. As the gas cap sends the cost of gasoline higher, the state collects more money from consumers through the General Excise Tax.

We are suppose to be a state that cares OH PLEASE!!!! Need I remind these law makers the last time they did these type of unfriendly business practices the state of Hawaii went into a ten year slump while the rest of the nation experienced a robust economy.

The Gas Cap is costing us millions!
House Minority Leader Lynn Finnegan who opposed the gas cap now issues daily reports documenting how much money the gas cap has sucked from the economy, and now estimates the total at $6.7 million in just three weeks.

It is time that these elected geniuses repeal this law or the Governor suspend this law. If they do not we will repeal or suspend them from their job!


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