Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gas Cap Update

On Monday driving into work I heard the person giving the news report on KRTR that with the decrease in gasoline prices has the proponents of the GAS GRAP LAW claiming that this is proof the GAS GRAP law is working. Hello McFly!!!! or should I say Senator Menor!!!! we are still 17% more than the second highest in the nation! I can not believe that we are celebrating gas getting to under $3/gallon in some locations now.

Ms. Zimmerman of the Hawaii Reporter has posted the latest report by House Minority Leader Lynn Finnegann, 10/18/2005


At 3:18 AM, Anonymous don said...

This was predictable as the sunrise. No matter what the actual outcome turned out to be the cap proponents were bound and determined to claim "success"!

This is so typical of the socialist mindset. 50 years of welfare failure hasn't fazed them at all, they still want more and more and more of the same.

It is a travesty. Only question is, When will the people learn?

At 10:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post!

I did a search for gas price gouging and found this site. I have put together an ebook I have titled, "Huge Gas Pump Savings."



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