Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Government Extortion

Democratic Legislatures trying to steal money from a major contributor to our economy!

In reading an article on Hawaii Reporter I was reminded of a story I first heard on the Rick Hamada morning show. It was State Senator Brian Kano trying to strong arm a Norwegien Cruise Lines by threatening to raise their taxes if they did not rehire his friend a convicted Pedophile. Thankfully Norwegian did not cave to his bullying tactics. The most ridiculous part of all this is that Sen. Kano convinced nine other democratic Law makers to sign on to this proposed “Pedophile Tax”. To read the whole article read it here.
On March 16, 2005, nine Hawaii Democrat Senators, including Senate Democratic leader Ron Menor and the Big Island’s own Sen. Russell Kokobun, introduced SR 65 directing the state Department of Taxation to “make an assessment as to whether Norwegian Cruise Lines should pay taxes equivalent to those paid by Hawaii hotels…” on its cruise ship rooms. Why? Line 13 of SR 65 reads, “… there have been questions raised about Norwegian Cruise Line’s violation of the rights of employees (sic) who have been accused of sexual harassment….”

In mid-2004 Norwegian had fired convicted child molester Leon Rouse from his job as a cabin boy. Rouse was fired during his probationary employment period after male co-workers complained of sexual harassment. Rouse was from Wisconsin, but had most recently been a resident of a Philippine prison where he served a multi-year sentence for raping a 14-year-old boy. In spite of this conviction and his limited (but well placed) intercourse with Hawaii, Rouse got nine Senators to come to his aid. He also obtained a job in Rep. Rida Cabanilla’s office (D-Oahu, 42nd) but many observers say, while working as Cabanilla’s office manager, Rouse acted as if he “owned” the office of Sen. Brian Kanno, (D-Kapolei) with whom he is alleged to have a “relationship.”

What really irks me is that I just moved into Sen. Kano’s district. This guy represents me.

I will be looking back and will post previous documentation on this.


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