Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hawaii State Taxes

If there is anything that can get me upset it is taxes! Looking at the past history on how horribly the Hawaii State Government has spent our hard earned money it gets me so mad that I think my eyes are going to bleed. Mr. Kalapa of The Tax Foundation Of Hawaii has a wonderful write up on the Villian of Business

This statement sums it up
Probably the most disingenuous are those lawmakers who like to proclaim that they are champions of the poor. Although those lawmakers have made efforts in the past few sessions to demonstrate that they are concerned about the plight of the poor, the poor have basically been left empty-handed.

Instead of helping the poor, lawmakers have heaped added burdens on those least capable of bearing additional costs from the most infamous increase in the general excise tax rate to the nickel per beverage container, to the cap on the price of gasoline which only sent prices artificially higher.

Maybe I would not be so cynical if there was something that the state government has done correct or effeciently. I can not think of a single thing


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