Friday, October 21, 2005

How about a Proposition 75 for Hawaii?

I have had a chance to browse the web and look at Proposition 75. The "Paycheck Protection Proposition" in the upcoming special election in California on Nov. 8, 2005. I wish we could get something like this to ballot here in Hawaii. However, looking at The Strangle Hold the Unions and Democratic Party has on Hawaii, along with the money and lies the unions are putting out to defeat this measure in California, it is doubtful we could even get something like this to ballot. Can you imagine what it would be like if we were to get something like this to a ballot vote? Just think if something like this was to pass here? What do you think it would do to the single source political party?

It is my belief that the main reason for current condition of Hawaii Public Schools are due to the unions. The Public Teachers Union seams to be more interested in advancing political agendas and lining their pockets than educating the Keiki(children) of Hawaii.

Hawaii needs a Proposition 75. Just think what it would be like to have a level playing field?

I support Proposition 75, the Paycheck Protection initiative, because I believe that unions should have to ask for their members permission before they take their money and spend it on political issues.

-Sandra Crandall, Teacher of the Year, 2005

Leading proponent of the proposition 75 is Organize Not Politics and their summary of the Paycheck Protection Initiative is;

The Paycheck Protection initiative will give public employees the choice of whether they want their union dues spent on political campaigns. It will require public employee unions to receive annual written consent from members before the member's dues may be used for political purposes. This initiative will not prevent unions from collecting political contributions, but those contributions will be voluntary, rather than mandatory.

Further, the initiative requires public employee unions to maintain and submit to the California Fair Political Practices Commission records concerning their political contributions. The initiative does not apply to dues collected for charitable organizations, health care insurance or other purposes directly benefiting the public employees.

Essentially, the Paycheck Protection initiative will strengthen public employee union members' political rights. It will give them the option of choosing whether they want their union dues spent on political candidates and campaigns.

Official Title and Summary Here

Some Questions and Answers via "Organize not Politics"

Q: What exactly will the Paycheck Protection initiative do?

A: This measure will require public employee unions to obtain written permission from their members before individual member's dues are spent on political purposes. Simply, it will allow public employees to decide when, how, and if their hard earned wages are spent to support political candidates or campaigns.

Q: Why is this measure important?

A: Everyone appreciates the hard work of our firefighters, police, teachers and other public employees. They provide a vital service for the people of California and they do their job well. It is only fair that public employee union members have the right to give their permission before their hard earned dollars are used for political purposes that they may not agree with.

Q: How does this measure affect public employee unions' ability to collect dues for health care or other purposes directly benefiting the public employees?

A: This measure only affects dues that are spent for political purposes. In no way does this measure affect public employee unions' ability to collect dues that are used for charitable organizations, health care or any other purpose.

Q: Will this measure restrict public employee unions' ability to participate in the political process?

A: This measure does nothing to restrict unions from participating in the political process. Unions will still be able to contribute money to political candidates and fund political campaigns.

Q: Why are union bosses opposed to this measure?

A: Union bosses will naturally oppose this measure because many of their members will likely choose not to have their dues spent on political activities. However, for the individual union members they will gain the freedom to decide if they want their money spent on politics.

Q: What happens to the employee's money if the initiative is passed?

A: It is returned to the individual. Union members will see their paychecks increase as the money that was previously taken out of their paychecks for political activities is returned.

Q: Who is supporting this measure?

A: This measure is supported by Californians for Paycheck Protection. This committee is supported by California taxpayers and union members who believe public employee members deserve the right to make their own political choices.



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