Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Meirs I am hopeful

When I started this blog, it was not my original intention to comment on national political matters. However, having read some of the items on other blogs on the Harriet Miers nomination I feel I have to chime in on this matter and how it may effect our local issues.

I side on the side of Hugh Hewitt Here and Here as apposed to Prof. Bainbridge Here. I respect Prof B. and read his blog often and agree with him 99% of the time. He is far more scholarly and intelligent than I. So it is very difficult for me to disagree with him. However knowing the credentials of Mr. Hewitt I feel confident enough I can disagree with Prof. B. knowing that I am on the same side as Hugh.

My comments I have about this selection are;

1. No matter what you think of the Vice President, Dubya picked him knowing that Mr. Channey will support the Presidents agenda.
2. He knows her and probably has had conversations with her that he could not have had with any other nominations
3. This will bambossal the left. Will they Filibuster a women?
4. She is active in the Church
5. She is an Originalist and will not want to disappoint the president.

I am a firm believer in original constitutional interpretation. This is how I tie in this national political issue to our issues we have locally. I am a firm believer in original intent and Bernice Pauahi Biship’s original intent was children of Hawaii (Hawaiian decent) not what it is trying to be done under the courts now. Should this go to the highest court in the land, with both Roberts and Miers on the Court both claiming to be Originalist I feel Kamehameha schools has a better chance with these two on the Supreme Court versus any one else.

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