Sunday, October 16, 2005


Another must read at Hawaii Reporter and Mr. Jones at 5oth state has some other great posts here and here. I was so happy to hear about UH turning out Great ROTC graduates however it sure seams a majority the school is so far left, anti-military and anti U.S. they will do almost anything to promote their anti-america aggenda.

Mr Jones points out
The Richardson Law School has entire departments whose only purpose is to manufacture activists with law degrees. As Richardson’s Environmental Law Program states:

Recognizing the challenges that Hawai`i faces in developing an environmentally sustainable economy, the School of Law has developed a vibrant and diverse Environmental Law Program (ELP). Since its inception in 1988, the ELP has become a significant part of the curriculum at the School of Law and is a fundamental component of the school's mission. The ELP seeks to train future lawyers to be skilled in the field of environmental law and to contribute to the advancement of environmental law doctrine, scholarship, and practice locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. [Italics added]

Looking at all the debate that is going on over the Supreme court judges and the posting above it is clear that UH is in the practice of on educating people so they can get legislation done via the the Bench.

It is a little bit before my kids will be going to college however unless some things change drastically at UH I do not think I will send them to UH.


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