Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bainum Returning to Politics?

A couple weeks ago I read the below Article in the Pacific Business News. I am posting it below because I plan to refer to it in my next post. In order to review it is a bit difficult to retreive so I am posting the whole article here.

If I did not read this in the Pacific Business News I would have never believed that an article like this could have ever been written. It is the most one sided, Pro-Banium Article I ever read. Does the author read any news on the web, if he did he would have been able to ask at least one tough questionof this guy. PBN missed the boat on this one

From the October 14, 2005 print edition
Bainum preparing for return to politics
Prabha Natarajan
Pacific Business News

Duke Bainum plans to return to Hawaii's political arena in January after nearly a year away from the islands to regroup and make money for his next round of campaigning.
Bainum, 53, who fell 1,350 votes short of becoming the mayor of Honolulu last November, is working as the assistant manager at the Quality Inn Oceanfront in Ocean City, Md., a motel owned by his family.
In the past year, Bainum has been on the Mainland and in Asia, investing in real estate, volunteering to help Hurricane Katrina victims and starting what he described as a "small kine" import business in Honolulu. He said he has generally caught up with personal obligations he put on hold during three years of campaigning.
Bainum, a physician who spent a record $4.1 million in the mayoral campaign, including $2.7 million of his own money, said he won't retreat from public life because of that defeat or because of unflattering reports about his wife that surfaced in the closing weeks of the campaign.
"It would wonderful to be part of the political government," Bainum told PBN. "I enjoy service, be it medical volunteering, community organizations or running for political office. I enjoy making my community a better place to live."
A Democrat who has served in the state Legislature and on the Honolulu City Council, Bainum said he is interested in running for Congress, maybe for mayor again, but definitely not for governor. Both of Hawaii's two U.S. House seats, now occupied by Ed Case and Neil Abercrombie, and the Senate seat held by Daniel Akaka will be up for election in 2006.
But before he turns in his nomination papers, he will have to address the allegations about his wife, Jennifer, that many political observers believe cost him the election.
"We are still exploring what those options are and have been advised to take our time," Bainum said. "By no means am I done or is all this over. We will take measures of some sort to present the true facts."
Jennifer Bainum was a key figure in a messy family dispute involving her care of an elderly man and her control of his estate. Though the dispute was settled in court nearly a decade ago with no suggestion that Jennifer Bainum did anything wrong, a politically oriented Web site unearthed the case and essentially cast her as a thief.
The reports never hit the mainstream media, but enough blogs and talk shows and homemade handouts pulled the issue out of the shadows to undermine the foundation of Bainum's campaign against Mufi Hannemann.
"I know some people changed their vote at the last minute but I am not bitter," Bainum said. "It's unfortunate that my opponents totally misrepresented the facts about my wife. They are not true. It's unfortunate they chose to go that route."
Initially, Bainum's campaign decided not to address the allegations. When he finally did speak out in the closing days of the campaign, many thought it was too late.
"Some people said we should have defended ourselves more," Bainum said. "There's always two ways of looking at it. But we made a decision and stuck to that."
But Bainum said the experience won't change his approach to campaigning.
I am not going to do anything dramatically different," he said. "We will continue to take the high road. After all, almost half the people did vote for us."

Personally, Bainum is back to wearing his many hats.
He is talking about returning to his old job as a part-time physician at the Sex Abuse Treatment Center.
He also is looking to buy a home on Oahu by the end of this year. Despite his medical training, Bainum is a self-described entrepreneur and said he has made some speculative real estate investments in Bangkok and on the Mainland.
"I spent all that money and now I am making it back," Bainum joked.
Bainum said he also made time to go on volunteer medical missions. Just this past month, he said he went to Louisiana with his wife, brother and sister-in-law.
He spent five days in Bogalusa taking care of people impacted by Hurricane Katrina out of Red Cross and church shelters.
"We heard Bogalusa was a war zone so we went there," Bainum said. "I had 70-year-old patients who had been plucked off the roofs of their houses. It was nice to be able to help out."
And come Christmas, you may see Bainum and his wife hawking curios from Thailand at craft fairs. The couple's new business, Azia Inc., will bring in small crafted pieces from Asia to sell as Christmas gifts here.
"It's fun to purchase products when you travel and I enjoy business and my wife does, too,"


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