Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Information Reformation and Local Politics

One of things I noticed while I was unable to access the internet from Island Memo Corporate Headquarters I almost felt I was behind the curve or left out. I now realized how much I rely on electronic information for news, knowledge and opinions. There have been several times where I read something on the web and then read about that same thing in our local bias news media two to three days later. I do not claim to be an expert on this electronic medium but from what I have seen there are a lot people that just do not get it. I am amazed that there are so many in the political and journalism arenas that still do not understand or realize that there is an Information Reformation that effects our past, present and future.

Like all of you I watched from the sidelines what had been going on with Harriet Miers Supreme Court Nomination. I must admit I was on the side of Hugh Hewitt and thought she would be a good person to have on the court. However as information came to light in her Dallas speach I saw that she flip flopped like John Kerry while at the same time changing her colors faster than a chameleon. I am not one whom should speak about writing skills, as one of the main reasons I started this blog was to give me a place to practice my writing skills. We all know that I have plenty room for improvement. However, the writings by Ms Miers I was able to read, I was not impressed. This is someone who is to be appointed to the highest court in the land I expected more.

What was interesting to me was that it was not the opposition party that doomed her nomination but it was the people with in the Republican Party that was able to get her to withdraw her nomination. It was a matter of perfection. The left has never cared about perfection. However the right does care, especially when it comes to a Supreme Court Nominations. It wasn’t that she isn't a great person and should not be commended for her accomplishments but it was more that she is not perfect for the job at hand. The political right felt they worked too hard and too long and they were not going to just role over with out making sure she is right for the job. It was an amazing sight to see the information that was reviewed, disseminated and debated. There was no Editor of the Old Guard controlling the information that would be fed to us. With this free and open debate of information it was obvious she was not perfect for the job. Prior to the internet we would have never been able to review and debate this information.

With the advent of the Blogosphere I was amazed that she never told anyone about the speech and didn’t think it would come to light. She needed to be reminded of Tent Lott and Dan Rather. When Ms. Miers decided to accept this appointment I do not think she really realized what the roll of the Blogosphere would play in here nomination.

Now that brings me to local issues and how the new medium can and will effect the landscape.

While sitting down at lunch reading the October 14, 2005 edition of the Pacific Business I read an article on an old friend of Honolulu, Mayoral Canadate Mr. Duke Bainum titled Bainum preparing for return to politics by Prabha Natarajan while reading this article I was amazed at how the author of the article and Mr. Bainum are utterly and completely missing the understanding the “information reformation”. I generally like the Pacific Business News as it is one of the few local periodicals that understands free enterprise. However they missed mark on this one, they are not even in the same field
Jennifer Bainum was a key figure in a messy family dispute involving her care of an elderly man and her control of his estate. Though the dispute was settled in court nearly a decade ago with no suggestion that Jennifer Bainum did anything wrong, a politically oriented Web site unearthed the case and essentially cast her as a thief.

It also said
The reports never hit the mainstream media, but enough blogs and talk shows and homemade handouts pulled the issue out of the shadows to undermine the foundation of Bainum's campaign against Mufi Hannemann.
"I know some people changed their vote at the last minute but I am not bitter," Bainum said. "It's unfortunate that my opponents totally misrepresented the facts about my wife. They are not true. It's unfortunate they chose to go that route.

Oh so because this did not appear in the main stream media the incidents that his wife were involved with didn’t happen. You know what, they did happen and there are still items coming to light that shows that his wife has questionable ethics and associations.

In case you did not get a chance to read the original story by Ms. Malia Zimmerman read it here.

Stripped down to the bare indisputable facts, here’s the story and why it should have been investigated by the major media: In the Summer of 1995, Jennifer Alonso-Toma was hired by Dennis Murasaki to be the caretaker for Masumi Murasaki, his ailing 83-year-old father, in return for $350 a month and bed and board. At that time Masumi Murasaki had over $300,000 in fairly liquid assets. Masumi Murasaki died on Jan. 28, 1997, just 18 months later, having assets of only $6,000 with the bulk of his funds having been drained by Jennifer Alonso-Toma during that time, according to documents provided in court.

In her response Anatomy of a Smear Ms. Zimmerman explained
The local conventional media say that Hawaii Reporter is “Republican-oriented” but what on earth does that have to do with the story when both mayoral candidates were long term self-avowed Democrats? And for the record, our supporters, who come from all political parties, are people who believe in the First Amendment.

Mr. Bainum claiming his wife has not done anything wrong makes me seriously question his character and judgement. There is information readily available documenting Ms. Toma-Bainum's prior questionable associations;
Previous Attorney she used has been disbarred

Backgrounds of Experts Hired by Jennifer Toma-Bainum in Murasaki Case Under Scrutiny in Court

Marvin Acklin, Ph.D.

Marvin Acklin, Ph.D. was arrested and charged in 1990 with a domestic violence assault on his wife, Denise Acklin, after he violently choked her. He pled guilty in First Circuit Court, paid a $25 fine, and this psychologist was sentenced to "therapy." In 1995, he asked his record be wiped clean for good behavior and the court agreed.

Since, Acklin has been in court many times testifying as an "expert" in everything from family custody cases to guardianship matters to murders, including those committed by Byran Uyesugi, as he’d been the psychologist who assessed him before he was sent back to work.

The background on the case: In November 1999, Byran Uyesugi, who was employed by Xerox Corp. for 15 years, entered the main office headquarters on Nimitz Highway at 8 a.m. and shot and killed seven innocent co-workers.

Prior to this, Uyesugi displayed violent tendencies while performing a service call at First Hawaiian Bank, resulting in criminal charges being filed against him. He had violently kicked in an elevator door at First Hawaiian and threatened the lives of his co-workers.

Uyesugi was sent to Castle Medical Center for five days, where he was tested by Acklin and another doctor, but he was released despite what several civil lawsuits filed against him since the murders consider poor judgement. "Despite strong evidence that Uyesugi was suffering from a serious mental illness, the defendants (Acklin) released him after only five days of observation and treatment … Acklin was negligent in that, among other things, no adequate disclosure of Uyesugi’s condition was made, nor was adequate warning given regarding the severity of Uyesugi’s mental illness and/or his foreseeable dangerousness to others…"

Japanese Cultural Center Receives a gift

With all the information that is out there, not to mention the items documented under Banana Peel Investigations for Mr Bainum to claim his wife has done nothing wrong makes no sense at all.

Thank you Ms. Zimmerman for your Investigative reporting. Mr. Bainum lost the Mayorial race by 1500 votes. With his wife's history can you imagine what she would be attempting to do as the First Lady of Honolulu.

With Mr. Bainum previous friendly relationship with Harris Admistration (that is a whole other story), Previous stance on lease to fee converstions (Eminant Domain) and His claim that his wife has done nothing wrong it will be a cold day in you know where before he will get my vote. I do not want him representing me in any sort of elected compasity whether it be Mayor, US Congress, US Senate or anything else.


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