Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Injustice for 2 Day Old Treyson Aiwohi

Update 12/1/05. I can not believe some of the things I have been reading. The groups and our left wing paper agree with this ruling. I am just blown away.

I can not believe what I heard on the way into work today and what I have read thus far in a local paper Ice Addict Cleared of Killing Newborn. This is ABSURD!!!!!! This is another one of these things that get me so mad that I think my eyes are going to bleed. I must admit I was only paying slight attention to this story. It is probably too late but it now has my full attention. For my friends on the mainland who are unaware of the case;

July 15, 2001: Treyson Aiwohi born to Tayshea Aiwohi at Kaiser Moanalua Medical Center.
July 16, 2001: Hospital discharges Aiwohi and son.

July 17, 2001: Treyson taken to Castle Hospital via ambulance; pronounced dead at 6:32 a.m.; Medical examiner later find that cause of death was methamphetamine poisoning.

Aug. 29, 2001: Aiwohi tells investigator for Medical Examiner that she smoked "ice" on July 12, 13, 14 and one hit on July 15, the day of her baby's delivery.

Oct. 9, 2003: Grand jury indicts Tayshea Aiwohi for manslaughter, the first case in Hawaii in which a mother is charged with killing her baby by smoking ice while pregnant.

June 3, 2004: Circuit Judge Michael Town denies Aiwohi's motion to dismiss the indictment.

June 17, 2004: Aiwohi enters no contest plea to manslaughter under plea agreement that allows her to appeal Town's decision.

Aug. 25, 2004: Aiwohi is sentenced to 10 years probation with no jail time.

Sept. 23, 2004: Aiwohi files notice of appeal.

Oct. 19, 2005: Hawaii Supreme Court hears oral arguments in the case.

Nov. 29, 2005: State Supreme Court overturns Aiwohi's conviction.

The real crime is that this lady never received any jail time. She received probation. Why could she not have just Thanked the Lord God above that she only received probation. She could have done her probation, accepted her punishment, been thankful and done some good by becoming advocate to help others not make the same stupid, idiotic choice that she made. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! She has to claim she is a victim. Her unborn son was the victim not her.

She had to be so selfish, self absorbed and make it a political cause.
Aiwohi had argued that her prosecution for manslaughter -- recklessly causing the death of another person -- goes against the plain meaning of the statute because her unborn child was not a "person" who can be a victim of a crime.

Wake up Hawaii!!!!!!! Hawaii has a family (O'Hana) culture like no other. If we keep letting this type of grap happen. The O'hana will be gone with the Aloha! I directly contribute the Left's political agenda with this. As we all know Hawaii is one of the most Democratic states in the nation. If these types of ruling continue the left will be successful in breaking down the Family culture. Correct me if I am wrong, I far as I know of Hawaii and Polynesian culture a woman with child (Hapai) is a blessing. Not well if she doesn't want the child she can get rid of it. Let alone she has the right to act carelessly which harms the unborn.

I want to know who payed for her attorney's fees? Who's idea was it to appeal? These are some answers I am determined to find out!

It makes me sick to read;
My son can now lay to rest," said Kimo Aiwohi.

Yon know what Mr. Aiwohi, speaking as a Father of three children, if my wife had done something as stupid as to smoke "ICE" while she was pregnant with my child, cause the death of our child I would be leading the fight in her accepting blame and punishment for what she had done. I wondering if he was smoking with her?

I must admit I am blessed to have a wonderful wife of Hawaii ancestry, with strong Catholic values who understands, appreciates and accepted the responsibility of her pregnancies and is wonderful mother to our three wonderful kids.

"My son can rest" please spare me. Now he has to rest in peace with a terrible injustice by the Hawaii Supreme Court!


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