Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More Christians Attacked

Catholic World News and International Christian Concern reports that more Christians have been targeted by radical Muslim extremist in Indonesia again. This makes me so mad that I think my eyes are going to bleed. Where is the Main Stream Media on all of this. These no good for nothing @#$!$#! Islamic extremist are so Chicken !#$& that they have to target young Christian Girls. These thugs who are responsible for this are not even worthy enough to be called a part of the female anatomy.

A couple weeks ago there were some gruesome pictures circulating of three young Christian Girls who were ambushed and beheaded by Muslim extremists. I am not going to link them here but feel free to look around they are fairly easy to find. Now these scums of the earth have ambushed and shoot two more young Christian girls in the head.

What do you think the main stream media would be doing if an American did that to a Muslim. You bet they would be all over it like flies on you know what. Look how the Main Stream Media were enablers for Jimmy Massey and John Kerry. Where is the outcry from the so called Human Rights Activist! It wasn’t too long ago that school children were held Hostage and Killed in Russia because they lived in a predominantly Christian Community.

I am so furious about this.


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