Monday, November 28, 2005

Totally Tubular

Thanks to Prof. B. at his Wine Blog. instead of wine in a box it is now in a Tube.

According Professor Bainbridge
snob appeal counts for a lot. It's a nice example of how much utility wine geeks derive from ancillary aspects, such as the ritual of opening a bottle, entirely distinct from the actual taste of the wine.

I must admit until now I would have never ever considered this. However, with my crazy life of at least an hour commute home after the fast pace workday in the construction industry, then having to get the kids fed, bathed and making sure homework is done, opening and finishing a bottle of wine during the week is almost impossible. This is usually why an Ice Cold Corona wins out over a bottle of wine after the kids go to bed.

I wonder when this product will make it to Hawaii. Probably June 2010


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