Thursday, December 15, 2005

Iraq Elections!

I do not care what your political affiliation is, you have to admit how the elections in Iraq have been going thus far is great news!

Many Mahalos to our wonderful men and women in Uniform.

Some links I enjoyed reading

I really enjoyed Mr.Jones's story of how the left
is viewing this
Hugh Hewitt

It's Electric

Michelle Malkin

Pajamas Media

With anticipated voter turn out in Iraq, Hawaii needs to take note on the importance of being able to vote. The amount of people going to vote in Iraq with the very real threat of being Killed is amazing. It is right that we have and it should not be taken lightly. I have a serious problem with people who complain about long lines, having to show I.D. or whatever their complaint might be. It is Manini compared to what Iraqi citizens are doing to vote.

Hawaii needs to take a good and hard long look at Iraq and not buy into the bloviating socialist agenda, anti-war liberals that are so prevalent in our state and especially at our tax supported University of Hawaii.

UH Manoa rewriting history

What Students Learn at UH

Thanks Mr. Jones


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