Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ten Suggestions for Keeping Your Kids Off Ice

While doing some research on the Tayshea Aiwohi Case I ran across these ten suggestions for keeping your kids off Ice.

1. Know your child's friends. Encourage your child to bring friends to your home. These friends will often be involved with you and your child for the rest of your lives.

2. Visit your child's school. Let your child know that you are interested and involved in your child's education. As you become aware of your child’s school environment, you are better prepared to deal with him or her effectively during the evening and on weekends

3. Set aside time each evening when you and your child can discuss the day's events. This will help keep you in tune with your child's thoughts and activities.

4. Encourage your child to discuss with you anything of concern or interest. Understand that there is nothing too small or insignificant for a child to discuss with you.

5. Make sure your child knows daily that he or she is loved. Consider giving your child a hug and telling him/her you love him/her. Ask yourself if you really like your child and if you enjoy having your child as a part of your life.

6. Set consistent standards of behavior for your child. Let him or her know that there are socially acceptable and socially unacceptable behaviors. Make sure that your child has a clear understanding of your expectations.

7. Reward and discipline your child. Let your child know that there are consequences for acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

8. Set a good example. Make sure your child sees you displaying the type of behavior that you would have him/her demonstrate.

9. Discuss important values and attitudes with your child. Make sure you sit with your child and discuss what motivates you to do your best. A solid ethical grounding that sustains a parent though good and bad times will help sustain a child as well.

10. Share a dream. Help your child understand that a dream shared today can be a reality someday. By helping your child set realistic goals you will help them control their destiny in many ways.

They look really familiar, oh yea! Traditionaltional family values. Values that I was raised on. Especially #7 more on the discipline portion.

Hawaii has a unique family and extended family culture that is unlike anywhere. We can not let traditional family values be slighted. There are so many groups out there that get upset with us so called religious right when by raise the importance of the traditional family and family values.

Pay attention Hawaii we can not afford any further breakdown of our families.


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