Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hawaii Public Schools!

I hardly ever read any of Hawaii Main Stream Media (HMSM) newspapers because of their overtly bias slant to the news.

A relative who is visiting from the mainland gave me an article in today's Honolulu Star bulletin "School Spending Above Average".

The question that is raised to me was, If your state is spending so much money per student why do some many people pay to send their kids to private schools? According to the article
The state pays $8,533 per student....$246 above the national average, according to an annual Census Bureau estimate.
My response is because the public school system in terms of state by state rankings is consistently near or one of the worst Public Systems in the United States. However, when you read this article in the "Left Wing, Pro Teachers Union Bulletin" you would think Hawaii Public Schools are great place to send your kids.

Doing some research on this I found something from the Star Bulletin from October, 2001.

Many public school teachers
put own kids in private school
As I read this article spokesman Greg Knudsen gave some pretty bad excuses.

According to Morgon Quitno Press based on 21 Factors they performed a study on the smartest states. In 2005 Hawaii ranked 42nd. However Hawaii was 19th in spending per public student. According to the Article in the Star Bulletin the two states that spent the least per student was Idaho at $6028 per student and Utah at $5,008 per student However, their rankings according to Morgon Quitno Press those states in ranking per smartest state is 28 and 33 respectively.

And the Public School Board and Hawaii State Teachers Union want more money.

It is things like that makes the State of Hawaii a leader per capita in sending kids to private schools

Update in 2003 43% of the children of Board of Education members Home schooled or sent there kids to private school Read this investigative report

I really dislike having to quote the other even further left HMSM the Honolulu Advertiser however, they had an article last August Private Schools Enrollment Up

According to an Article
Private schools in Hawai'i have long been popular, drawing more than 16 percent of all students; or more than 30,000 per year in recent years; compared with about 11 percent nationally

The paper could not help but slide their bias and try to blame the rise of private school enrollment on President George Bush. Get a load of this quote

"We have been very happy with her in Manoa Elementary up through sixth grade, but I want to give my daughter every opportunity to succeed," Cowan said. "I just feel the public-schools teachers are getting more and more overwhelmed, with that whole No Child Left Behind, and they're having to cater to that too much

Hey Advertiser wake up!!!!!!!!You are loosing readership because your refuse to print the obvious. The reason why people have decided to do what ever it takes to send their children to private schools is because the Public School System is broken and there is no sign of it ever going to be fixed. It has been run into the ground thanks to Blue State Politics and Cronies. Not because now the Hawaii Public School System actually needs to be accountable for what they teach or not teach our Keiki.


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